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The Tasmanian Theatre Company will be holding auditions on the 20th November, 2016.

One position for an Assistant Director may be made available. This is not a paid position. It will be made available to an emerging director or an experienced actor who wants to transition to directing. If you are interested in a being considered for this position, please email Charles Parkinson on with your CV.

Directors will holding auditions for actors in two plays in the 2017 season.

Roles available are:

Play 1: 

Rehearses part time April/May/June. Season in 2nd half of June/July.

  • A male actor who can play a 27 year old – must be a good singer, described by the playwright as ”tall and rangy” but we are open to all types
  • A female actor who can play a 27 year old – must be a good singer

Play 2

Rehearses full time mid October to mid November. Season in second half of November. Please be certain you can be available for full time rehearsals before you audition.

  • A female actor who can play a 55 year old, described by the playwright as: “an articulate, intelligent, poised woman”.
  • A female actor who can play a 25 year old woman, described by the playwright as: “smart and fragile” – able to play multiple other parts as well.
  • A male actor who can play a 40-60 year old male and play other parts
  • Actor of either gender to play Police Officer – 30-50 years old and play other parts
  • Actor of either gender to play a Judge – 60 years old and play other parts

All cast need to be vocally and physically versatile.

Auditionees can, if they want to, nominate which roles they are interested in.


Terrapin Rehearsal Space - Level 3, Salamanca Arts Centre. Up the main stairs to level 3 and turn left into the Top Gallery – look for audition notices.


Please prepare two contrasting speeches of not more than 3 minutes. 

Those auditioning for Play 1 should also prepare one song ballad/pop/folk in style. Auditionees will also be supplied with a song from the show to learn for the audition. 

For the songs, you can:

  • sing unaccompanied
  • accompany yourself ( a piano will be available)
  •  bring a recorded accompaniment (and something to play it on)
  •  bring sheet music (an accompanist will be available on the day)

 Wear comfortable clothes.

Don’t be afraid of being nervous – everyone is.


We usually only audition actors who are trained or have had professional experience. If you have had some experience and are prepared to work hard and are open to learning and improving your craft as an actor then we would be happy to offer you an audition.


Performers in Play 1 will earn a box office share. Specifics of financial arrangements will be outlined if you are offered a role.

Performers in Play 2 will earn at least the award wage.

If you want to request an audition, complete the form below. Please also send a recent photo and CV to with 2017 Auditions and your name in the subject line. 


Application form

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Auditions will last 20 minutes and are available on Sunday 20 November. We will try to accommodate your preference. Further audition slots will be arranged if there is demand.
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