Artistic Director Adam (Gus) Powers hosts winter Wednesday chinwags to connect with industry and to activate conversation and for you to feed back into what you want TTC to be.

5th June

What does the outcome of the election mean for the Arts?
How can we work with our federal government representatives to bring Tasmanian performing arts to the national table?


Josh Lowe, Artistic Director of DRILL, ArTELIER Artist
Belinda Kelly, General Manager of Terrapin Puppet Theatre
Guy Hooper, freelance actor, director and Board Member of the Theatre Council of Tasmania

3rd July

How much time do you need to make a show?
How much time is too much or too little?
Do new works require more time?


Cheyne Mitchell, Artistic Director of Mudlark Live Theatre
Jane Longhurst, Freelance Actor and Broadcaster
Chrissie Best, Freelance Director and Educator

7th August

What’s theatre when it’s not in a theatre?
Why should we, or should we not, leave the box behind?


Emma Porteus, Creative Producer, Arts & Public Programs at the Salamanca Arts Centre
Rose Pidd, Freelance Production Manager of Festivals & Theatre and Program Manager of The Falls Festival Village
Adie Delaney, Managing Director of The Circus Studio and Freelance Circus Artist
Halcyon McCleod, Freelance Theatre Maker