A window into the world of absurd celebrity culture..

Alex More has a story to tell.

Buyer and Cellar by Jonathan Tolins, is an intimate piece of theatre that takes its audience into the complex life of an eccentric superstar through the eyes and experiences of Alex. Alex has been employed by Barbara Streisand to staff her colossal underground warehouse of souvenirs, clothes and collectables.

This bit is real: One of the greatest living legends of American song has built a private shopping mall to store her expensive excess belongings.

This bit is fiction: Alex, freshly fired from Disneyland for giving a kid attitude while in character as Roger Rabbit, is recommended for the ridiculous gig of looking after the mall.

Buyer and Cellar is a jaw-dropping digest of narcissism, obsessive folly and stifling tastefulness, which makes it a delicious target for satire. It’s also a sly critique on the cultures of celebrity and consumption.

Mostly it is a really fun night at the theatre.

Produced by The Tasmanian Theatre Company
Director  Robert Jarman
Lighting Designer  Max Ford
Stage Manager Adam (Gus) Powers
Cast Jeff Michel

Dates April 4 – 14
Venue Pop Up Theatre 10
Hadley’s Orient Hotel - The George Cartwright Room
Duration  Approximately 90 minutes (no interval)
Patrons Advice Some strong language

“Buyer and Cellar is knowing, droll, and laugh-out-loud funny.”


Image by Richard Parkinson