Post show conversations contextualising content of our 2019 season in our community. Get ready for beekeepers, quantum physicists, gender theorists, activists, comedians, all in conversation with TTC leading artists.


Bees, Quantum Physics, Death

Tuesday 10th September, post show, we’ll be asking all the big questions Constellations raises…

Where have all the bees gone?

Have they gone to another universe?

Are there other universes? Can I visit for the weekend?

What are the practicalities of voluntary assisted dying in Australia in the wake of Victorian law reform?

Moderated by Julie Waddington
Ronnie Voigt of Natural Beekeeping Tasmania has been around bees all her life and now spends time teaching about bees and their unique relationship with our survival. She is a public presenter and a maker of Warre Hives (a French peasant's hive) designed to keep bees in a more natural way.

Krzysztof Bolejko obtained his PhD in 2007 in Poland. Before joining the University of Tasmania he held the Gruber Fellowship the University of Melbourne, Fulbright Fellowship at the University of Arizona, Curie Fellowship at University of Oxford, and an ARC Future Fellowship at the University of Sydney. His field of expertise is theoretical cosmology. He is interested in the evolution of cosmic structures, especially cosmic voids. In his work he studies properties of dark matter by investigating its impact on the evolution of structures and light propagation. Krzysztof is a Fellow of the Astronomical Society of Australia and also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Margaret Sing: Dying with Dignity Tasmania is a community group working for improvements in end of life planning, services and legal voluntary assisted dying choice. They are currently working with MPs to finalise a Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill with broad support so that it is ready to be introduced into the Tasmanian Parliament later in 2019.