Post show conversations contextualising content of our 2019 season in our community. Get ready for beekeepers, quantum physicists, gender theorists, activists, comedians, all in conversation with TTC leading artists.


Health for Artists and Arts for Health

Tuesday 18th June, post show

Does creative practice have an impact on physical or mental health?

How do we ensure artists and audiences are protected from lasting harm when dealing with health related content?

What responsibilities do artists hold to medical truth? How can collaborations across arts and science help us understand our responsibilities?

What reforms must take place for the arts to achieve their social health potential? 

Moderated by Adam (Gus) Powers
Aidan O’Mara: Neuroscience PhD candidate who also works in the finance industry as a software developer to survive. He's been involved in the Hobart music scene for over a decade, mostly gigging as a drummer.

Ben Winspear: Gruesome Playground Injuries director, freelance actor and director, now based in Hobart.  

Kelly Drummond Cawthon: Teacher, creator, independent performance artist working with the Second Echo Ensemble, MADE, MONA and MAC.