Online dating going from bad to worse..

They meet online. He’s in IT, miserably married. He’s lonely – he turns to porn. She’s a nurse in her forties, trapped in a loop of catastrophic debt. She’s lonely – she turns to shopping. Both of them crave something else - but not necessarily each other. Take the plunge into the Too-Much-Information Age. Funny and fiercely written, Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography is a deceptively compassionate cringe-comedy of mid-life loneliness, hidden zip folders and barely concealed desperation.

How does the increasing domination of electronic interactions skew real life interactions? What does it mean to interact online? Is it possible to intentionally acquire contentment? Declan Greene humanises the emotions, insecurities, hurt and rejection harboured by online social media.

This is a beautifully written play by one of Australia’s most outstanding and multi award winning young playwrights.

Produced by  The Tasmanian Theatre Company
Director  Melissa King
Designer  Jill Munro
Lighting Designer  Max Ford
Composer/Audio Designer  Heath Brown
Stage Manager Adam (Gus) Powers
Cast Jane Hamilton-Foster and Matt Stolp

Dates  June 6 – 9 and June 12 - 16
Venue  Moonah Arts Centre, 23 Albert Road, Moonah
Duration  Approximately 70 minutes (no interval)
Patrons Advice  Contains full nudity, strong language, references to suicide and sexual references
Please Note  Does not contain pornography

“This is the kind of theatre that leaves you short of breath, because it is so, so very good.. an absolute must-see.”

Image by Richard Parkinson