“Maybe if I could climb to the top of this telephone pole in the rain at night,

Like the mast of a ship lost at sea,

Maybe I’ll see the shine of you, bringing me home again.

That’s the maybe.”

Doug and Kayleen measure their lives by incidents, accidents, scars and stitches. Gruesome Playground Injuries tallies thirty years of these experiences: from ice skating disasters to flirting at funerals; romance in the school nurse’s office to conversing with the comatose; all through a prism of memory that explores the question why do we hurt ourselves to gain someone else’s love? 

Pulitzer Prize finalist playwright Rajiv Joseph has become well-known for taking on sweeping moral issues with a unique and piercing humour. Gruesome Playground Injuries has garnered critical acclaim internationally and Rajiv Joseph has been described by the New York Times as “an artist of original talent”. 


Moonah Arts Centre

13th - 22nd June

Directed by Ben Winspear
Assistant Director Natalie Venettacci
Designed by Ben Winspear & Adam (Gus) Powers
Lighting Design by Greg Thompson
Sound Design and Composition by Jacky Collyer
Stage Management by Ellen Roe & Adam (Gus) Powers

Maeve Mhairi MacGregor
Robert Maxwell