I would like to help you now. I would. Before this escalates.

Directed by Adam (Gus) Powers
Designed by Matt Stolp
Sound Design & Composition by Craig Lane-Irons
Stage Management by Ellen Roe

Karen Ireson
Guy Hooper

Carol is scared of failing.
John is about to be awarded tenure.
He’s touching her back, alone in his office.
This is only the beginning in an explosive grapple for power in the towering institution of academia, where language is a weapon.

Mamet’s controversial classic resulted in foyer brawls and explosive arguments across America when it premiered in 1992. The play received critical acclaim internationally, and was both lauded and slammed by a broad range of academics, critics and gender activists.

Important conversations are happening in the world today around gender, sexuality, identity, power, abuse (the list is seemingly never ending), but there are some things that we are still struggling to comprehend and change. Oleanna is now 26 years old, and is still uncomfortably relevant to the world we live in. 

Pop Up Theatre #12

Coogan’s Theatre

79 Collins Street, Hobart

7th - 16th November